Weston Duct Cleaning Website Answers Commonly Asked Questions about Indoor Air Quality

An educational website by DUCTZ to help homeowners learn more about the necessity of HVAC maintenance and air duct cleaning service

Weston, FL – Since the Weston Duct Cleaning Website was updated visitors have learned the answers to their questions concerning indoor air quality. The educational website has information to help homeowners learn when air duct cleaning service is necessary and tips for choosing company to work with.

The Air Duct Cleaning Website explains that not all duct cleaning companies are the same. In fact, services performed by a substandard duct cleaning company can cause more harm than good regarding indoor air quality.

According to the Duct Cleaning Weston website (http://ductcleaningweston.blogspot.com/) there are several common concerns homeowners may have about indoor air quality. Most people moving into a new home do not know if the previous owner properly maintained their HVAC system or if they had a history of problems related to dirty duct work.

People that suffer from allergies may be concerned if previous residents owned pets or if they were heavy smokers. Pet hair and dander can settle into the duct work and odors from smoke can linger for a long time. If the home was recently remodeled, debris could still be in the duct work.

David Pisan owns DUCTZ of Fort Lauderdale, serves area residents and business owners. Duct cleaning service by DUCTZ can help reduce exposure to certain allergy triggers such as bugs, rodents and pet dander from air ducts and heating and cooling systems.

DUCTZ air duct cleaning technicians will do an inspection and provide an honest evaluation of services needed to ensure indoor air quality. Visit http://www.airductflorida.com/ to learn more.

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